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About Jessica L. Schlegel

Based out of Salisbury, Maryland, Jessica L. Schlegel is a watercolor artist who delves into the world around her. Growing up on the Eastern Shore, Jessica fell in love with the array of landscapes and wildlife in such a small area. She travels around the Eastern Shore and other areas within Maryland, Delaware and Virginia, searching for the beauty within them.

            Jessica received her BFA from Salisbury University and her MAT from University of Maryland Eastern Shore. After teaching art for 7 years, she refocused her life in order to pursue her art career. She now creates her art work full time, focusing on her watercolor and acrylic paintings, along with craft items like hand painted glasses that are sold in several local shops.

                In college, she primarily worked in the oil paint medium. While exploring oils, she found her love for bringing out the rich colors of nature and working with close cropped images. It was not until her last semester of college that she attempted the watercolor medium and never looked back. She is able to use much of her experience with the oil medium and translate it to her watercolors, giving the watercolors finer detail. 

                With her newfound focus on her art, Jessica’s ambition is to continue exploring and searching for the stunning landscapes and alluring creatures of the Eastern Shore and recreate them in her own paintings. It’s amazing how many people will never see in person the life that is often taken for granted on the shore. Her goal is to create representations of this life and share the charm of her home with others, so that they can see what beauty lies in this little place when you open your eyes to see it.

Where to find her work...

Check out Jessica and her work in person at different vendor events! Check out the Home Page for dates of events.

Galleries: Whether her work is on display depends on the show being displayed. Jessica is a member of the following galleries and you can often find at least one of her pieces at at-least one of these places:


Salisbury Art Space


The Art League of Ocean City


Rehoboth Art League


Maryland Federation of Art 

Retail Stores: Several stores on the Eastern Shore of Maryland sell wine glasses, prints, and note cards. Check out these retailers:

Sister's- Berlin, MD

Windmill Creek Winery- Berlin, MD

Bordeleau Winery- Eden, MD

Barn Hill Preserve- Frankford, DE

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